The Big Drum Solo-Charly Antolini

Charly Antolini (born 24 May 1937) is a Swiss jazz drummer.
Born in Zürich, Antolini started playing the traditional Swiss Basler drum and in 1956 went to Paris where he played with Sidney BechetBill Coleman among others, and playing in the Oldtime Jazz Band "The Tremble Kids" with trumpeter Oscar Klein and clarinettist Werner Keller. In 1962 he went to live in Stuttgart, Germany, where he spent five years playing with bassist Peter Witte and pianist Horst Jankowski in the SWR Bigband led by Erwin Lehn. With bassist Peter Witte, between 1965 and 1967, he recorded five albums for the Romanian pianist Eugen Cicero, a new talent who translated classical music into jazz (Lizt, Chopin, Tschaikowsky). He also played in big bands with Kurt EdelhagenPeter Herbolzheimer and Max Greger in the NDR Bigband.
In 1976 he set up his own band, "Charly Antolini's Jazz Power", originally featuring Steve Hooks (tenor sax); Andrei Lobanov (trumpet); David Gazarov (keyboards) and Rocky Knauer (bass), although later members were Len Skeat and Brian Lemon. In the 1980s he toured Germany, Italy and Denmark with Benny Goodman, as well as with Lionel HamptonBarbara DennerleinAlbert MangelsdorffEarl HinesRoy EldridgeJimmy GiuffreArt FarmerOliver NelsonArt Van DammeStuff SmithBaden Powell among others.
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